Three Reasons Why You Need to Know Your Human Design

Human design, invented by Alan Robert Krakower in his book, The Human Design System, is a way to inform your decision making. Through reflecting on the type of person you are using a modernized form of astrology, you can understand how you were designed as a human, hence human design.

There are four main types of human design, from the manifestor type to the reflector type. By living and understanding your human design, you can improve your life.

Here are three reasons why you need to know your human design.

Make the Best Decisions for You

When we know how we are designed, we can make decisions that are compatible with that design. As we go through life, we will have decisions to make on what job we work at, who we marry, and the friends we keep. We also will interact with various people along our walk of life.

If we know our human design, we can make decisions compatible with the way we were meant to live our life. For example, a manifestor will want to tell anyone about any decisions they make that will impact their lives, while a reflector will want to make decisions slowly and deliberately. 

By making decisions using the methods we were designed for, we stay true to ourselves and do not sacrifice our integrity by making decision counter to the way we were meant to live. This will also not undermine our credibility and integrity as a human being. 

We will also preserve personal harmony and set ourselves up for a life well-lived and enjoyed.

Understand How You Think

Why do decisions and methods of thinking, styles of learning, and other patterns of behavior seem so natural to us? Our decision-making processes are natural to us and learned over time, or are they? By looking at our human design chart, we can establish our personality types, decision-making behaviors, and other aspects of our lives and what feels natural for us to do.

If we don’t understand how we think and act and apply human design to it, then we cannot live in our own skin. We can’t be the people we were meant to be, and we can’t live our best life. Human design helps us be comfortable, gives us pointers on how to live our most natural lives, and helps us understand how we were designed to think.

This does not mean that human body and mind are a machine in the sense of a robot or printing press. Rather, it helps us access the best of our potential and helps us live fuller lives. After all, would you want to think or act in a way that is incongruous to your integrity and best potential? I certainly wouldn’t want to do that.

Improve Your Life

Finally, human design and your human design chart can be used to improve your life. If you’ve ever thought something was missing or felt “hollow” inside, it may be because you live a life that is incompatible with the way you think and how you make decisions.

To fix this, it makes sense to get a reading from a human design expert. They will give you a full reading on your human design chart, tell you your personality type, and how you were designed to live your life. You can also discover key attributes that will help you along the way.

For many, living your best life involves being comfortable with who you are as a person, and human design is another tool that can help you be well on your way to accepting yourself and those around you.


Your human design chart helps you figure out your human design, which will help you figure out the type of life you were designed to live. Knowing this will help you improve your decision-making processes, improve your live, and improve your own acceptance of who you are as a human being. It will help you understand who you were meant to be in broad strokes, and why certain actions work better for you than others. Above all, it will help you be true to yourself, and this is invaluable in today’s age of self-discovery. Visit the website to get more info.